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"Robin served as the strategic planning consultant for our organization, helping to define and develop the strategic plan.  She conducted an environmental assessment, facilitated stakeholder focus groups and countless meetings, effectively organized and ran the board strategic planning retreat and helped to formulate long term strategy.   Robin was professional,  flexible and accommodated our busy schedules.  Her extensive expertise provided insight to help leadership look at the organization differently. She was responsive and able to work with diverse personalities.  She was committed to our organization and seeing us through the challenges of the strategic planning process.  The time and effort that Robin devoted to this process exceeded expectations."  ~ 2019 Client 


Executive Coaching

Robin offers coaching to individuals at all levels and stages of the professional spectrum. From first-time employees to mid-level managers to the C-suite, solutions are designed for you, by you, with guidance from the expert.

Strategic Planning

The only way to have the future you dream of is to create it. Your work and professional goals rely on a balance of intuition, expertise, and motivation. Let's create a strategy that gets you to your goal.

Team Development

The most important investments you can make are in yourself and those who work with you.  Contact us for support in developing your board of directors or your organizational team.  











What We Do

Who We Are


We work with mid and top-level executives to find creative solutions during times of change and transition. From professional guidance and support to personal work-life balance coaching, our experience can help you meet challenges you face today. We'll work together to design a project that changes your future.

How We Work


Call or email us and we'll set up a 15-minute phone conversation to discuss your management consulting needs. We'll prepare a written proposal outlining a course of action, a suggested timeframe, and corresponding fee structure. We'll review progress on a frequent and consistent basis.  Whether you are seeking independent school consulting or guidance in other areas of leadership, we are here to help.

Our Expertise


With  experience in education, business management, board development, and coaching, you'll find our work together both exciting and rewarding. We can offer a wealth of creative approaches to meeting the daily demands of your business, setting short, mid and long range goals, and managing your positive interactions with others.